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Key features to increase sales

AI technology to give you the most powerful insights on the market, with 10x lower cost thanks to automation.
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Real-Time Global Coverage

Select any online retailer, brand, or competitor you wish to monitor.
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Integrate with internal data

Verify price adherence, detect content deviation, and benchmark turnover vs. market events
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AI-powered data quality

Autonomous product matching, eliminating the need for EAN codes, enabling broad coverage at low cost

For Sales

Get the decision making power to increase market share, negotition power and response to competitors

For Marketing

Get the decision making power to increase visibility, content compliance, and media ROI

How it works

3 simple steps. You choose the coverage, we take care of the rest.
Step 1
Select Coverage - as long as its online we got you covered
Step 2
Get Data - AI approach to automatically aggregate data for you
Step 3
Analyze Market - of the retailers, brands, and competitors you wish

With Forloop, we’ve been able to get full visibility of our products, retailers and competition across online channels

Petr Kadlec
Sales Director, Lindt & Sprungli 

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