Nicotine Pouches E-commerce Report - May 2024

Sebastian Berg
Sebastian Berg
CEO, Co-founder
Consumer Brands
May 29, 2024
Nicotine Pouches E-commerce Report - May 2024

May 2024 Report over E-commerce and Nicotine Pouches. During this period significant price decrease, media spend up and clear out-of-stock challanges for manufactures.

Below is a summary of May 2024 on prices, promotions and product launches in Swedem. The data is based on the 30 largest resellers, both pure players and retailers in Sweden.

Let's delve into it.


  • Continued overall price reductions across “All White” category
  • For example, -2.14% reduction of whole XQS portfolio.
  • Uptick in average price by Velo and Zyn around 20th of April


  • Velo has made a push and increased visibility by +256%, with a clear breaking point in mid-april. Indicating big media buy and marketing spend. In particular, on Haypp group.
  • Zyn, at the same time, dropped in visibility ranking.
  • Minprilla, in relation to turnover, remains the most distributed “share of voice” channel with no clear brand owner.



  • OOS remains a big challenge for most manufacturers.
  • BAT has on average around 100 SKUs OOS/day. While 14% of these being on promotion at the same time (high loss of marketing spend).

New product launches:

  • In relation to size, Another Snus Factory was the most active on new product launches with a total of 15 new SKUs.

That’s it for this month e-commerce report on Nicotine Pouches.

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