Real Estate

Empower your business decisions with competitors and market data.

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Step 1

Get new properties listing every day.

We take the most valuable for you websites with listings and build automated pipelines in order to extract data in real time.
Step 2

Enrich your listings with external data.

Every single listing might be empowered with additional (external) data such as as POI's, climate or demographic.
// Collect and automate
const { place, data } = await go.auth{(
  Name: ‘Avanue 5, 3582932’,
  lastName: ‘Howard’,
Shopping centers
Step 3

Make decisions based on facts using dashboards.

Based on all data we create dashboards that allows you look at new listings from a different perspective, and make decision with a better probability of success.
A real estate data platform and analytics dashboard.

Features we use to help move from zero to one.

Forloop is production-ready platform for external data automation.
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Intelligent Web scraper

Convert any website into API, or just save data in databases of your preference.
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Automated data preparation

Remove duplicates, check values and update automatically in minutes.
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Seamless integrations.

Integrate the platform with any database, and also with CRM and marketing tools.

Check on how we did it with Lindt.

A case study prepared based on the use-case done with Lindt - a premium chocolate brand.
How ShareSpace captured the UK and German market cost efficiently, with Forloop.

How ShareSpace captured the UK and German market cost efficiently, with Forloop.

Real Estate

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CEO, Co-Founder @ Investown
I love this platform because of the flexibility and speed it gave to our team. It allowed us to connect various real estate websites with our system and automate routine processes. A true gamechanger!
Marcin Dyszyńsk, CTO & Sharespace
CTO, Co-Founder @ Sharespace
It's been crucial for us to find a tool that would value ease-of-use with high privacy standards. Forloop did that job perfectly! We are really impressed and wait for more features!
Professor in AI Engineering @ Chalmers
Most organizations I've worked with only use their internal data. But 99.99% of all relevant data is outside of the companies. This is an enormous opportunity that I am glad these two talented and passionate founders are capitalizing on.
VP of Data @ Beat
Data is changing business models, and without good data, there is no competitive advantage. Forloop is promising to give this opportunity to more players, without the luxury of a huge budget.
Global GTM Manager @ Saxo Bank
I'm really impressed with Forloop's solution. It is super powerful and really helpful for growth hacking and data delivery. UX definitely needs to be better, but I know that they are working on it!
RPA Developer @ Shipvio
It’s too good to be true that Forloop is able to do a lot of data science work for a small subscription fee. You can just open the browser, download data, and perform automatic data cleaning. It's a great solution for us!
CTO, Co-Founder @ AiCare
We cut 45% of the time needed to deploy our AI model to production. With Forloop we're able to continuously clean and transform our data much faster.
CEO, Founder @ Syndicai
We've been able to build data pipelines for our client's AI models 5x faster than using traditional approaches. UI needs a lot of improvement but it works!

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