Data Preparation Intelligence

Focuses on data preparation process. It allows you to automate the whole process of data cleaning, joining, and transforming before data are used in analyses or ML models.
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Automatically clean and prepare data.

With a click-of-a-button Forloop builds a whole data preparation pipeline, so that you don't have to worry about data science work.
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Full transparency and flexibility at every single step.

No more black boxes that make the magic. Forloop intelligence automatically clean your data by building a pipeline you can verify and modify. As a data scientist you still have a full control over each data preparation step, we just suggest you the best one.

Automatic recommendations on data cleaning.

Forloop helps you with the data preparation process automatically recommending the best way to merge and enrich datasets.
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Auto-generation of database structure.

Forloop allows you to auto-generate database structure - fitting your newly generated datasets
"Without Forloop and the valuable data that we get, I’ve hard time imagining how we would have entered the markets that we did, how fast we did so, and how much money we saved."
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CTO, Co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Forloop Platform?
Forloop is easy-to-use data preparation and pipeline management AI tool for fast-growing data teams. It enables the creation of pipelines based on various data sources such as data warehouses, storage, and drives using the no-code environment allowing data scientists to work independently from DevOps teams.
Is my data safe with that tool?
Data privacy is our highest priority. We are fully compliant with GDPR and don't have access to any of your inserted datasets. We don't sell and will never sell any data about you or your usage of our platform. We only use limited metadata in order to improve our services (mainly our recommendation engine). Thus your data are safe within our platform, if you have any questions we are happy to answer.
Who is this tool for?
Forloop is for data scientists who don't feel comfortable with the infrastructure setup and configuration. The tool allows you to connect various data sources and build pipelines without extensive code writing. We mainly target our value proposition to fast-growing AI startups and companies with ML-powered products.
How I can start using Forloop?
The easiest way to start building pipelines is to download here our latest version of the platform. However, we highly recommend checking our Getting Started guide to learn the basic functionalities of the tool. Of course, we're happy to chat about your use case - just schedule a call here.
What I can do with your platform?
Forloop allows you to build data pipelines for AI models. Connect any data source (data warehouse, data storage, drive) and create a pipeline using drag & drop canvas. In addition, you can also create workflows that web scrape data from websites and other sources like public API's (e.g. weather data)

External data at your service

Stop losing with your competitors by empowering your data teams with continuous data from any source. Access the app, or schedule a call to learn more about opportunities.
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