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Collect. Prepare. Automate. External data in minutes.

Forloop is the no-code platform for external data automation.
Used by top brands

Get better insights with data outside of your company.

Go beyond your internal data limitations and access the latest market data to adapt faster, track market changes, and support price strategy.
Data platform overview with the external data input and output integrations.A Forloop data platform cycle that presents the input and output of the solution.

From zero to production in three steps.

With Forloop, you don’t have to make a compromise between a platform for prototyping and production-ready pipelines in the cloud of your choice
Step 1

Collect data from any source.

Access and extract data from non-API sources such as websites, maps or 3rd party platforms.
A box with sample real estate offer.Extracted data from the real estate offer using Forloop data platform.
Step 2

Prepare data using intelligence.

Get recommendations on how to clean, join and aggregate data according to the best data science practices.
A real estate data platform and analytics dashboard.
Step 3

Automate with pipelines.

Use a no-code tools to clean, join and transform data to model-ready format in an accelerated way with intelligent algorithms solving data quality issues.
// Collect and automate
const { place, data } = await go.auth{(
  Name: ‘Avanue 5, 3582932’,
  lastName: ‘Howard’,
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Get value from day one.

Our platform helped our users to increase their KPIs even by a factor of 10.
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Save costs

€50k / year

By making data consumers independent from data engineers.
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Save time

120h / month / person

With a dramatically increased productivity in a building process
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Adapt faster

+80% *

Enhance decision making and increase growth with new data.
*Depending on the use-case

Get started in
under a minute.

Forloop is a desktop app that you can download & try locally. Currently, we support Windows & Mac. The cloud version will be released soon, so stay tuned!
* It's Free! No Credit Card required.

Many users already trust in us.

See why they love Forloop.
CEO, Co-Founder @ Investown
I love this platform because of the flexibility and speed it gave to our team. It allowed us to connect various real estate websites with our system and automate routine processes. A true gamechanger!
Marcin Dyszyńsk, CTO & Sharespace
CTO, Co-Founder @ Sharespace
It's been crucial for us to find a tool that would value ease-of-use with high privacy standards. Forloop did that job perfectly! We are really impressed and wait for more features!
Professor in AI Engineering @ ...
Most organizations I've worked with only use their internal data. But 99.99% of all relevant data is outside of the companies. This is an enormous opportunity that I am glad these two talented and passionate founders are capitalizing on.
VP of Data @ Beat
Data is changing business models, and without good data, there is no competitive advantage. Forloop is promising to give this opportunity to more players, without the luxury of a huge budget.
Global GTM Manager @ Saxo Bank
I'm really impressed with Forloop's solution. It is super powerful and really helpful for growth hacking and data delivery. UX definitely needs to be better, but I know that they are working on it!
RPA Developer @ Shipvio
It’s too good to be true that Forloop is able to do a lot of data science work for a small subscription fee. You can just open the browser, download data, and perform automatic data cleaning. It's a great solution for us!
CTO, Co-Founder @ AiCare
We cut 45% of the time needed to deploy our AI model to production. With Forloop we're able to continuously clean and transform our data much faster.
CEO, Founder @ Syndicai
We've been able to build data pipelines for our client's AI models 5x faster than using traditional approaches. UI needs a lot of improvement but it works!

External data at your service

Empowering your data teams with continuous data from any source. Try out the app, or schedule a call to learn more about opportunities.
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